Following the deaths of two sisters in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, Jetson Electric Bikes LLC of New York is recalling 53,000 hoverboards over fire hazards. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the 42-volt Jetson Rogue hoverboard is to be recalled and customers are given a full refund.

Jetson Recalls 53,000 Hoverboards Over Two Sisters Deaths

Local authorities said the self-balancing hoverboard may have caused the fire incident that took the lives of the two sisters – one 10 and the other 15 – when their house went aflame. The Hellertown Borough Fire Marshal said the inferno caused inhalation injuries to the parents of the girls and they had to be hospitalized.

While there was no actual proof that the hoverboard caused the fire, the CPSC said there are numerous reports that the 42-volt Jetson Rogue brand had caused fire incidents. Authorities said the scooters are known to burn, spark, or melt during charging, and many customers have filed complaints over fire risks.

The affected Jetson hoverboard brand was sold at Target stores from 2018-2019 and marketed online on Jetson’s websites from 2019-2021; the scooters were sold for between $100 and $150. The product has two light-up hubcaps and a charge port with three pins located to the left of the power button. The product has a standing platform in black, blue, red, pink, and purple colors.

The CPSC warned customers to not discard the lithium-ion batteries of the recalled hoverboard in the trash; but to adhere to local procedures for discarding batteries. The battery packs of the scooter are known to overheat and burst into flames, causing fire hazards to people. The CPSC warned users to stop charging and using them but to return them immediately to Jetson.

Jetson Electric disclosed that the voluntary recall was initiated “out of an abundance of caution” and that “the safety and quality of all our products is our top priority…and our team is committed to ensuring our products meet all industry standards and regulatory requirements.”