Even the best flooring will only look good in a home or business if it’s a good match for the wall colors. Flooring giant National Floors Direct explains how home and business owners can combine flooring and walls to create the ideal environment in any room or business.

National Floors Direct Explains How to Combine Floor and Wall Colors for Optimal Results

First, the company notes, it’s essential to determine the type of vibe a room is meant to have. Will it offer a peaceful ambiance or a vibrant one? Is it intended to be bold, luxurious, homey, or relaxed? Colors significantly impact mood and behavior, so home and business owners will want to know what a particular shade denotes before using it on the walls and floor. At the same time, it should be noted that any color combined with another color will have a different impact than it would when used on its own.

National Floors Direct recommends neutral color combinations to create a calm, soothing ambiance. These light tones are also ideal for creating a spacious feel and ambiance in a small room that may lack natural lighting. Gray hardwood floors are trending, the company notes, as is light-colored LVT flooring designed to look like natural stone. Light gray walls with gray flooring can give a room depth while pairing natural gray stone or LVT flooring with pastel green walls provides a room with a natural feel and looks great when plants are added as part of the room’s decor. As an added benefit, neutral colors are versatile, making them a good option for homeowners who may want to sell the house at a later date.

Pair cherry wood flooring with bold shades for those who want a bold room that inspires, excites, or grabs attention. Yellow or light blue walls, when paired with this type of flooring, will give a room a bright, vibrant feel. When paired with dark brown or dark blue walls, cherry flooring will give a room a soothing, relaxed feel. Dark green walls and cherry flooring are ideal for a room meant to have an intimate vibe. Alternatively, carpeting can be used to create a bold atmosphere. Dark brown carpeting, for instance, pairs nicely with blue to create a bold yet elegant room.

National Floors Direct reviews mention the company’s long-standing reputation for offering fast, efficient service. Even so, strongly recommend doing careful research before choosing a flooring type, color, and pattern. A home or business owner will want to ensure the new flooring matches well with the walls and existing furnishings and that it creates just the right ambiance for any home or business room. Fortunately, the company also provides free assistance to those who need expert help by offering an in-home consultation and estimate that will help individuals weigh up the pros and cons of any type of flooring to pick the one that best meets their needs.