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Jeanette Epps pulled from NASA expedition, Jeanette Epps brother on NASA racism, NASA
Stephanie La Rosa on 22nd Jan

Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering, Astronaut Jeannette Epps, was recently pulled out of the crew list that will...

Influenza and flesh eating disease, Woman diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis, Flesh eating diseases symptoms, Influenza symptoms
Stephanie La Rosa on 22nd Jan

Christin Lipinski, a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, was diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease caused by the bacterial infection...

Bernard and Honey Sherman murder, Apotex founder murder case, New theory on Sherman case, Sherman murder case Toronto
Stephanie La Rosa on 21st Jan

After allegations of murder-suicide theories from the police about the Barry (75 years old) and Honey Sherman (70 years old)...

Mummies who shared mother but not father, Two mummies had same mother and different father, Nakht-Ankh and Khnum-Nakht, Tomb of Two Brothers
Stephanie La Rosa on 21st Jan

Two mummies that were thought to be related (brothers) have a new turn on their story thanks to the investigations of the...

Man pulls 5 feet long tapeworm out of his body, Man with tapeworm infection, Tapeworm sizes, Diphyllobothrium
Stephanie La Rosa on 21st Jan

On January 8th, Dr. Kenny Banh on the podcast “This Won’t Hurt a Bit,” presented the story of a 30-year-old man...