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Tabatha White – Contributor

Tabatha White grew in a farming community of just 102 people, the majority of whom were related. Although she loved country living, Tabatha knew there was more to the life than just green pastures. At the age of 18, she made the bold decision to move to the big city, landing a job at a publishing firm. There, she caught the “writing bug” and after two years headed to college where ultimately, she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Tabatha’s life today is a far cry from where she grew up. Using 40 years of experience traveling the world, she has written thousands upon thousands of articles and other publications for various genres to include national and international news.

Trina Hancock – Contributor

Trina Hancock has a framed paper in her office where she works as a writer and editor for a top firm. In the frame is an award-winning paper she wrote in the fifth grade that she uses as a visual reminder of just how far her career has come. In addition to writing, Trina lends a voice to the educational system as a means of encouraging young entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Trina earned a bachelor’s degree from an Ivy League university in 1998 and for the past 15 years has been married to her college sweetheart. Although she dedicates a significant portion of her life to her craft, she always makes time for her husband and the couple’s two boys.

Adam Kreller- Contributor

While Adam focuses much of his writing career on genres like entertainment, technology, and sports, his unique style of writing is seen in other areas as well. Adam grew up in Orange County, California as what many would consider privileged. However, he never wanted anything handed down, instead preferring to work hard to accomplish his own goals.

After completing a bachelor’s degree, he continued his education to earn two master’s degrees. He also owns an editing business alongside his wife of 18 years, Rebecca. During downtime, he and Rebecca, as well as their only daughter, spend as much time traveling, whether taking a two-hour road trip or a full adventure to a foreign country.

Stanley Maxx – Contributor

As the fourth of 10 children, Stanley was always accustomed to hand-me-downs and although he loved to read, his parents never had enough money to buy books so he began creating his own stories. By the age of 16 and on a dare, he submitted one of his stories to a teen magazine only to receive a check for $47 three weeks later. That one event was all it took for Stanley to know his destiny.

As a star athlete, Stanley was able to attend college on a scholarship. While there, he focused on journalism and reporting, which ultimately guided him to the successful career he has today. Along with writing about breaking news, technology, and business, among other things, he dedicates time to other young people with the same interest.

Edward Griffin – Contributor

Edward will be the first person to admit that he has an amazing life. In addition to having just celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary to an incredible woman and being the father of two sons and three daughters, he has a writing career that he loves.

Edward has spent the past 30 years as a prolific writer. He has a unique ability to research information that other writers often overlook. That coupled with his impeccable style, his work reaches people around the world and makes a powerful impact.

Renee Jeffries – Contributor

It may have only been five years since Renee Jeffries completed her college degree in creative writing but she is already making big waves. No matter what she decides to tackle, Renee is known for succeeding so to family members and friends it comes as no surprise that she is already in high demand.

Renee has a style of writing that combines both a serious and humorous side, something not commonly seen in the world of writing. Because of this, she can take virtually any story and give it life. Along with working hard on her writing career, Sonya is spending time preparing for her upcoming wedding in October.

Graham Dodge – Contributor

All the way through high school, Graham was teased because of being born missing a leg. To him, as well as family and close friends, he was no different than anyone else and while he acted as if the taunting words of classmates had no effect, he was in fact very hurt. As a way of expression, Graham began writing, having no idea this would lead to an amazing full-time career.

Graham is not only an extremely successful freelance writer he is an inspiration to other people who have experienced bullying in school. Today, his writing covers many different genres but he also dedicates a monthly newspaper to high school and college students who have a dream but little to no support. Graham has been married for the past 12 years and is the father of three beautiful girls.