Bingo is a very popular game in the UK. It’s popular because it’s a fun game to play, because of the prizes, and because it’s a very sociable pastime. Nowadays, most of the bingo community plays bingo together and socializes online. You can play bingo online at Barbados Bingo with friends from all over the country. This is possible thanks to the online chat which is enabled in almost all online bingo rooms.

Is Chat Enabled at All Online Bingo Rooms?

How to use the online chat feature

The chat feature is very popular on online bingo sites. You will notice it as soon as you enter one of the bingo lobbies. It’s super easy to use and you can meet people from all over the UK and keep chatting whilst you’re playing. You just need to choose a username and start chatting!

Although, you may also want to learn some of the abbreviated languages that you will read on the chat feature will make conversations much easier to follow.  Online bingo terms can be quite confusing so are some of the most common bingo lingoes you will use when chatting:

  •         3TG/2TG – 3/2 numbers to go
  •         GLE1 – Good luck everyone!
  •         WDW – Well done winner!
  •         TYVM – Thank you very much!
  •         BLNT – Better luck next time!
  •         UL – Unlucky
  •         WB – Welcome Back
  •         LOL – Laugh out loud

This language is also used by the chat host who is there to monitor the chat. The chat hosts are figures of authority who ensure the chat rules are being followed and make sure all players are enjoying themselves.

Online bingo chat feature rules

It is important that the chat room on an online bingo site are a safe and friendly environment. Everybody on the online site is there for the same reason, to play bingo, and everyone should be enjoying themselves.

The table below highlights some general rules which you should always stick to when using the online bingo chat feature.

Introduce yourself! Be rude or mean to other players
Be polite. Takeover the chat
Celebrate your wins and congratulate others. Bully or argue with other players
Join in mini-games run by the chat host. Use inappropriate or offensive language
Learn the online chat lingo. Talk in caps lock.
Respect others’ privacy. Promote other sites.
Be safe! Ask for money or harass the hosts.

Chat etiquette is very important.  There is a zero-tolerance policy operated by online bingo sites for anyone who does not follow the chat rules, and this is continually monitored by the chat hosts. If you accidentally break the rules, for example, accidentally writing in caps lock, as long as you apologize, there shouldn’t be any problems. However, in the case of serious offenses such as using offensive language, you will be removed from the chat and your chat feature will be disabled so you cannot use other chat rooms on the online bingo site.

Online bingo sites enable the chat feature to make playing online bingo fun and sociable. It’s a great way to play online with friends or make new ones. So start thinking of a username!