HX5 is a company that specializes in providing services and solutions to government agencies, particularly in engineering, research and development, and information technology. At the heart of its success is Margarita Howard, whose foresight and dedication have propelled the enterprise from its inception to becoming a highly respected and proven performance company within the government professional services contracting industry.

Margarita Howard's HX5: A Story of Growth and Success in Government Contracts

HX5 is committed to earning and maintaining the trust of its clients. This goal is met by closely listening to what clients need and ensuring the solutions delivered precisely match the expected value.

Howard founded the government contracting firm with a vision to create a company that reflected her aspirations and values. The name, representing “Howard times five,” underscores the familial ethos and teamwork that form the company’s core. Howard’s leadership style, characterized by strategic thinking and an inclusive approach, has been pivotal in shaping culture and operational strategies.

In addition to college and graduate school, Margarita Howard served in the Air Force, the combination of which served to lay a solid groundwork for her future endeavors. Her professional experience working with contractor companies that supported the military provided her with a deep understanding of government operations and health care management, setting the stage for her future in government contracting, which has historically been a predominantly male sector.

“I’m happy to say I’ve seen it change so much,” says Howard. However, there’s still work to be done. “It’s still somewhat challenging for women in this industry, and while progress has been made, some biases unfortunately still remain to be overcome.

“It’s been my experience that women’s decisions seem to be scrutinized more often than the decisions made by their male counterparts, so that can be difficult to overcome sometimes.”

Under Howard’s guidance, HX5 has distinguished itself through a balanced approach to securing prime and sub-contracts. This plan has diversified the company’s portfolio and ensured stability and growth. Howard’s decision to engage in competitive bidding, even with the 8(a) Business Development Program advantages, demonstrated her commitment to merit-based growth and competitive sustainability. Her considered decision to not solely rely on sole-source awards has positioned the company for sustainable development, allowing it to thrive beyond the limitations that often stifle small businesses in this space.

The company’s project portfolio is a testament to its adaptability and expertise. Howard’s company is dedicated to supporting operations in areas as diverse as aeronautics and information technology.

Within the field of aeronautics and engineering, the company’s performances include the span from conducting detailed feasibility studies to the intricate processes of modeling, simulation, and integration. Its expertise in structural engineering underpins its ability to engage in advanced weapons and engineering research, fostering innovation in engineering test and development. This comprehensive service offering further enhances its hardware and software solutions proficiency, including system integration across aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineering disciplines.

Additionally, the firm’s services encompass research and development, and its commitment to innovation is evident in its approach to modeling, simulation, and integration, alongside a strong focus on weapons and engineering research.

Information technology is another pillar of the company’s offerings. With advanced network services, database and server administration, and hardware-software integration, it stands ready to assist its customers in addressing the most complex network technology challenges. Its capabilities in simulation and real-time software, coupled with dedicated help desk and engineering support, ensure that clients receive comprehensive IT solutions.

Moreover, the company’s project management and oversight approach embodies its commitment to excellence. With meticulous attention to acquisition policies and procedures, tasking coordination, and security processing, the company ensures that each project is managed with the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness.

HX5 Today: A Model of Success

Today, HX5 has expanded to 1,000 employees and has earned a reputation for excellence in government contracting. Its growth, from its humble beginnings to a major player in the industry, mirrors Howard’s own journey of resilience and insight.

Margarita Howard credits this success to a dedicated team, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right people for management and leadership roles. She says, “We were very selective of people that we chose for our management team.” That level of selectiveness translated into impressive retention rates for HX5. “Many of them have been with us 10 years or so, and we just have a highly dedicated, experienced management team,” Howard adds. “We could not do what we do without them.”

As the company continues to evolve, Howard’s vision remains clear: to sustain growth through strategic initiatives, maintain the company’s commitment to excellence, and nurture a culture of inclusivity and diversity. With a solid foundation and a forward-looking approach, HX5 is poised for continued success in the competitive landscape of government contracting.

Margarita Howard: Championing Diversity

Howard’s tenure before founding HX5, particularly her involvement in the implementation team for the Tricare program, which provides civilian health benefits for United States armed forces military personnel, military retirees, and their dependents, laid a solid foundation for her understanding of government operations and healthcare management. This background was instrumental in shaping her approach to business and government relations.

Howard’s experiences have also fueled her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity, making her enterprise a leader in government contracting and creating a supportive and diverse workplace.

“It’s rewarding to see that women are making significant strides in the government contracting industry, over the years, breaking barriers and more often assuming leadership roles in this industry and within government agencies that we work with,” says Margarita Howard.

At HX5, Howard’s strategy has been multifaceted, focusing on prime and subcontracts. This dual approach allowed the company to survive and thrive by ensuring a diverse portfolio and a steady stream of opportunities. Howard’s foresight to engage in competitive bidding, even with the advantages offered by the 8(a) program, set HX5 apart from competitors who relied solely on sole-source awards.

Margarita Howard’s leadership extends beyond just winning contracts. She’s cultivated a culture that values hard work, integrity, and innovation. The company’s ability to secure prime contracts, often involving complex and demanding requirements, speaks to Howard’s and her team’s expertise and the trust they’ve earned within the industry.