So much of a company’s success today revolves around its talent, financial health, strategic planning, and the corporate culture it builds. Rich Bursek, President and Partner at Certuity says that by fostering a positive corporate culture, leaders can nurture excellence within their organizations.

Nurturing Excellence: Fostering Corporate Culture, According to Rich Bursek

“A positive environment and culture in your workplace will produce healthier, happier, more focused and determined workers. And ultimately, those employees will put your business in a better position to achieve success,” says Bursek.

No matter what industry you’re in, you can take practical steps to foster a positive corporate culture. Below are three areas that Bursek recommends every business leader focus on.

Ensure Value Alignment

Every business should have well-stated values that serve as a guide for all decision-making. “First and foremost, business leaders need to ensure that workers are on the same page,” says Bursek.

Values have always been important, but they’re especially crucial today. Employees want to work for a company they believe is doing something good for the world. In this regard, leaders must also ensure that company values align with their own personal values.

“Workers don’t just want to hear about values in company guidebooks. They want to see that you, their dedicated leader, are also committed to instilling and practicing these values,” says Bursek.

Once values are set, the entire team can buy in. Too often, a company’s and employee’s values don’t align, which often leads to employees who don’t go the extra mile to achieve excellence. According to Bursek, it’s crucial to be transparent and to constantly remind your workers of the values they ought to have.

Engage Employees

If you want workers to buy into your company’s values, you must engage them in the process. It’s essential that companies today create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment in which the opinions and viewpoints of all employees are taken into account.

“We’re trying to build a better today and tomorrow,” says Bursek. “And that process starts with engaging and listening to all sorts of workers.”

This mindset is the crux of modern-day DEI initiatives. Leaders must actively engage their workers when setting company values, goals, and direction. They should always welcome feedback and actively poll employees about their opinions.

Employees who feel more engaged at work are more likely to feel happy and appreciated. And when they feel appreciated, they’re more likely to give their all, which results in higher productivity and company-wide satisfaction.

“Engagement is infectious,” Bursek says. “An engaged worker knows that you care about them. They’ll be happier and feel listened to, and that will spread throughout your entire company. Trust me, you want to make your workers feel heard.”

Commit as Leaders

During his decades-spanning career, Bursek has helped shape start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and some of the United States’ leading financial services firms. So, he knows what sort of commitment a successful business requires from those at the top.

“A company needs their leader to be committed. Not only that, but the level of commitment needs to be of the highest level and obvious to those around the leader,” he says. “Workers look to leaders for cues. If they see a leader who slacks off, they’ll slack off. If they see a leader who’s dedicated to being the best, they’ll follow suit.”

In other words, fostering a healthy corporate culture starts at the top. Commitment from leadership is perhaps the most vital aspect of fostering a positive corporate culture.


There are three areas Bursek recommends leaders focus on while they go about establishing a better corporate culture. But he has one more parting nugget of wisdom: It won’t all happen overnight.

“You’re not going to change everything over the course of one week,” says Bursek. “Re-setting or fostering your corporate culture requires patience and dedication. Stay committed to your goal, and eventually, your company will begin to change for the better.”

About Rich Bursek

As President, Partner, and member of the Board of Managers of Certuity, Rich Bursek brings empowering leadership to a team that offers distinctive services for high-net-worth clients. Throughout his career, Mr. Bursek has received multiple awards, led large wealth management firms, and co-founded and shaped several industry startups.