There’s no doubt that it’s easier in the short run to keep doing things the way they have always been done. That means pouring through programs manually to search for information and looking for paperwork that’s tucked away in drawers. However, with a little time commitment upfront, you could completely transform the way you spend your day.

AI Data Catalog

An AI data catalog has the ability to consolidate all of your information in one place. It’s true that implementing the software, and learning how to use it, will take a little time, but once you get it up and running, you’ll enjoy some serious benefits.

Save Time Consolidating Data

Have you ever thought about how much data is being generated every minute across the globe? It’s a mind-blowing amount, but the amount of data that you generate and interact with at work on a daily basis is pretty impressive too.

With so many different types of data, you’ve probably got things saved all over the place. You probably have customer information located in one place, and contractor invoices in another. Before you can even think about retrieving the information you’re looking for, you have to know where to look for it. And just because you think you know where it is, doesn’t mean you’ll find it there!

A data catalog will save you gobs of time because you will be able to look for any piece of information you need in one place, without having to hunt it down.

It Can Help You Go Paperless

Not convinced that going paperless is the right choice for you? These benefits will likely change your mind:

  • Reduction in paper mail: Stop wasting time sorting through stacks of paper that come in the mailbox every day.
  • Keep things clutter-free: With no paper, there’s no way for your desk to become covered in clutter.
  • Find information quicker: It takes less time to search a database than it does to dig through a filing cabinet.
  • Receive payments faster: Customers and clients can pay you much more quickly with electronic payments.

If you’re ready to go paperless, you definitely need to have a data catalog system. It ensures you can find any information easily, even after you shred all those old files.

It’s Easy for Employees to Find Information

It’s important to train independent employees. However, just because they are confident in working independently doesn’t mean they might not bug you. If they can’t find a piece of information they’re looking for, they’re going to have to ask.

Instead of postponing what you’re working on every time an employee needs help finding something, train everyone to use an AI data catalog. With everything located in one place, there’s no reason to ask you or anyone else where they should start looking for the piece of information they need.

Identification and Sorting of New Data

Organizing your office is a great way to get more done every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Organizing your data can be especially difficult, and if you aren’t very technologically inclined, it can be frustrating too.

One difference between software with AI capabilities and standard cataloging software is the fact that it can help you identify and sort new data. Instead of imputing everything individually as needed, modern cataloging programs will crawl your databases, identify new information, and sort information automatically so you don’t have to. That means there’s one less frustrating, time-consuming thing for you to do at the end of the day.

Suggestions and Recommendations

Another benefit of choosing software that is enabled with AI as opposed to standard cataloging software is the fact that it can actually provide you with suggestions and recommendations.

Not only can it help you sort and file information in the right place, without you having to decide what that right place is, it can also provide you with recommendations based on the inclusion of similar and complementary data sets. It’s like having a trained employee who understands the ins and outs of the software, so they can provide you with relevant, useful suggestions you aren’t likely to think of on your own, all without the additional expense of another employee.

Don’t let your data and information dictate how you spend your time in the office during the day. Instead, take control of using a data catalog. You’ll never have to spend unreasonable amounts of time searching for information ever again because everything will be exactly where it’s supposed to be!