It is a usual task for 40-year-old artist Kanye West to “stir the pot” – according to the sources that have been trying to understand what is happening with the rapper. The political variations of Kanye seem to be confusing every time he tweets his position. This time, he re-confirm he supported the US President Trump, who he called his “brother.”

The president was very flattered. He claimed that the statement was “cool” because Kanye said they both shared “dragon energy.” It was one of the many moments in which Kanye has let political issues overlap his art, and to the followers that have been around him for more than ten years.

He once tweeted that President George W. Bush did not care about black people.

The rapper also declared that people might not like President Trump. However, they could not make the artist stop loving the American leader.

A concerned wife

Kim Kardashian West, 37 years old, has been dealing with Kanye’s comments and attitudes for quite a long time now. She always claims that she is only concerned. Still, she does not believe the rumors that explain the artist behavior as a drug use consequence. Kim has tried many times to stop him from letting words get to his fans without telling what he truly means.

Kanye West, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian
Kanye recently showed his “MAGA” cap on Twitter. Image credit: Twitter

When Kanye tweeted about him loving the President, she told him he needed to make this clear to everyone. T the rapper, right away, tweeted again that he did not, in fact, agree with everything that Trump says. He then wrote that the only person he would agree 100% with was himself.

The rapper added later that he supported Trump and not Obama since nothing changed in Chicago after his presidential period ended.

On Monday, Kim explained that she just wanted Kanye to be quiet and to stop his “nonsense on Twitter.” A source, who’s very close to the family, claimed that she had asked him to stop before it was too late. The family and Kanye’s closest known ones fear the artist is having “another mental meltdown.”


Last week, Kanye was reportedly cutting off contact with close people from his inner circle – including his managers, lawyers, and even most intimate friends. Additionally, he had had severe arguments with mother-in-law Kriss Jenner.

Kanye West, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian
Kanye and Trump have previously noted their friendship. Image credit: Getty

“He’s had huge blow-ups with Kris. She sees how erratic he’s acting and is most concerned about her daughter’s brand. She’s also trying to be a good mother-in-law, so he’s having explosive issues with her too. Everyone is really, really worried,” a source told PEOPLE:

Even though another insider told the magazine that they never had a fight, that the firm political beliefs of the rapper made him hard to talk to, and that this did not mean that he had a mental breakdown, the artist tweeted that he needed to “get rid of everything.”

His wife, Kim Kardashian, clearly was worried about the situation and answered his tweet asking what he meant by everything and an emoji of a doll raising her hand.

“He can be eccentric and erratic. A lot of this is just Kanye. He’s always been like that. He stirs the pot,” a source claimed.

Source: The Washington Post