Have you ever failed when making a presentation to a lot of people? Was your power point presentation (PPT) better than your speech or vice versa? It happens almost to every young presenter at least once. Of course, the more you practice, the more experienced you become. Preparation for presentation includes numerous details. You might not be even aware of them if you only start. For example, is it necessary to convert PPT to PDF? You can visit many websites to find out how to merge pdf files online understand how format changing impacts presentation but there are many other essential aspects to take into consideration.

Meeting Presentation To Multiple People

Key Stages of Preparation

  • Prepare in advance. Experienced presenters begin preparation as early as possible to have enough time. It is not about confidence or lack of it. It is about smart attitude and improving skills. make a short plan of what you are going to say. Mind map helps to return to any point in the presentation when being interrupted. Small home rehearsal will be a plus. You will understand how much time the whole presentation takes. If it is too long, it is better to cut it than to do it on the stages because you lack time.
  • Presenting a message always comes along with showing the same message in PowerPoint. Most presenters use this program but you can also use other tools. If the speech is brilliant but PPT is terrible, the whole speech will lose its sense. High-quality visual and aural elements together are the key to achieving the desired results. That means that your PowerPoint part should be made in good style. Limit the number of slides. They are designed only to reinstate what you say. When people start reading, they stop the following presenter.

Use only high-quality images, if needed. Font size should be not less than 30 points. Experts recommend converting PPT into PDF to keep the format of presentation. Some settings in PPT can be changed when displaying on a different computer.

  • Connect with people. Show that you know the interests of the audience. It does not mean that you literally have to find out what their hobbies are. When attracting new sponsors, for instance, you need to know their needs. In such a way, you know what to offer them. The same refers to potential clients. Owners of small and big firms study customers based on age, community, social groups.
  • Be enthusiastic and open. People in the room have to see that you are relaxed. Interact with the audience. You are welcome to make jokes and ask questions. It helps ruin walls and eliminate tension. The audience has to feel relaxed. Give people the possibility to ask questions at any time. Sometimes questions asked at the end of the session lose their importance. Do not forget about eye contact.

The art of presenting is not difficult to master. You need to follow simple rules and practice. The more you practice, the more skillful presenter you become.