This is an exam offered by Microsoft that assesses the candidate’s knowledge and skills in building highly available solutions in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The 70-532certification test is one of two Azure exams you need to pass to be certified as an MCSA specialist (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate). It is ideal for individuals who are experienced in implementing, programming, designing, automating, and operating Microsoft Azure solutions. They also need to demonstrate proficiency with development approaches, tools, and techniques used to build resilient and scalable solutions.

70-532 Practice Test: Overview

This MCSA exam has about 65 questions which contain multiple-choice questions and security with multiple answers. You are required to complete this certification test within 2 hours. The passing score for the 70-532 exam is 70% and you will get your results immediately after its passing. If you fail, you can take it after 24 hours and if you do not get the passing score the second time, you can take this test after 14 days. However, the limit for taking the Microsoft 70-532 exam is 5 times per year.

The objectives of the 70-532 exam help you understand the focus of this certification test and help you prepare for it effectively. Here are the exam objectives:

  1. Building and operating Azure Resource Manager VM
  2. Developing and implementing a data and storage strategy
  3. Managing application, identity, and network services
  4. Developing and exercising Azure Paasweb, computer, and mobile services


70-532 Practice Test: Tips for Passing

You need to prepare for the exam using the best techniques so that you can pass it. Here are the tips for passing this MCSA test:

Review the objectives of the exam

You need to study each category of the exam objectives to ensure that you completely understand the concepts of the topic. The exam objectives reflect the areas that the questions of the exam will be derived from and you need to ensure that you focus on those areas so that you have an easy time answering the questions. You cannot afford to take the exam without a hint of what to expect as it may cause you to panic during the actual test. Develop a study plan that is aligned with the objectives of the exam for you to get it right.

Review the study resources available

You should ensure that you have about 3 study resources to cover the topics of the exam. This will help you have multiple approaches towards understanding the vital concepts that need to be at your fingertips. The wider the variety of study resources you have, the more you will be able to understand the topics of the certification test. Depending on your learning style, you will be able to identify the study resource that works for you. When it comes to passing this Microsoft exam, there is no better way to do it rather than dedicating your time to studying.

Focus on gaining hands-on experience

While studying is the bedrock of any exam, you need to do more than that if you hope to pass this exam. Because you are already experienced, you have the skills to help you pass the practical portion of the test. However, do not stop there but rather polish your skills to meet the standards of the exam and the industry so that you can answer any scenario based questions that you come across. Your skills will always set you apart from people who are only defined by what they know. When you keep that in mind you will focus on mastering your skills and pass the exam easily.

Practice always

The only measure of your knowledge and skills is through practice. You need to practice what you have learned before you take the exam. You can use Azure trials to practice your skills and practice tests to check your understanding of the concepts. There is no an official practice exam for this Microsoft certification test hence you need to develop practice questions for yourself. When you study the exam objectives, you will be able to develop questions that you may possibly encounter in the exam. You will be comfortable when the time comes for you to take the test because you have an idea of the questions you are likely to face.

Set a target for yourself

When you are preparing for the exam, you need to set a target for yourself. Write down what you need to accomplish by the end of the week in terms of the topics you need to cover and the practice questions you need to answer. It is easy to keep walking if you know the direction in which you are going and for you to ensure that you stay focused on studying for the exam; you need to set achievable targets for yourself. Organize your study routine in a manner that you are clear on the book you will be reading during the week, the skills you will be polishing and a reward for yourself once you complete all the tasks on your list.

70-532 Practice Test: Recommended Books

You need to study the books that are available to help you pass this exam using Prep Away Microsoft MCSA AZURE 70-532 Certification. Here are the recommended books for the test:

Exam Ref 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

It helps you prepare for the exam by focusing on the exam objectives and also features strategic what-if scenarios to challenge you. It is designed for experienced developers who wish to advance their career and status.

Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

This is an eBook that helps you learn a systematic approach to creating real-world cloud scenarios and solutions. The patterns apply to the coding and architecture practices as well as the development process.

Microsoft Azure Essentials

This is a free eBook from the Microsoft Press and Microsoft Virtual Academy that is aimed to introduce developers and IT experts to a wide range of features and capabilities that exist within the Microsoft Azure platform.


You must pass the 70-532 exam to become a specialist in Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services. You need to equip yourself with the top resources and study them to the best of your ability. Do not be afraid of failing but rather give the exam your best and hope for the best. Good luck!